The Best Places for Jet Ski Fishing by Jetski Outfitters

Jet ski fishing is one of the fastest growing water sports around the world. Its popularity began in Europe and is quickly spreading to the States, with Jet Ski Outfitters being one of the first suppliers in the US. Find out more about Jet ski fishing here (link to other blog). There are countless locations around the globe that are perfect for Jet ski fishing. Just grab your Boss Box and go! 

1. Chesapeake Bay, Maryland – The Best for Fishing

Chesapeake Bay fishing is world-renowned for its quality and scenic qualities. Get the chance to catch tons of species of fish, from Cobia and Striped Bass to Tautog and Flounder. Grab your boss box, ride out 15-25 miles and enjoy your time. Now that’s what we call a good day. 

2. The Bay of Islands, New Zealand – The Best for Sight Seeing

For those of you who want to travel internationally, you have to check out New Zealand. With its picturesque lakes and long coastlines, it’s obvious why this destination is on so many people’s bucket lists. The Bay of Islands is located on the north island and is a jet ski destination that offers plenty of wildlife and discovery.

3. Miami, Florida – The Best for City Culture

Visit Miami and find yourself in the company of dolphins, celebrities and the rich culture of the city. The high energy of the city goes hand in hand with the thrill of jet ski fishing. Dress up your jet ski with a boss box and beat the crowd of boats or yachts, while saving some money along the way.

4. Hyco Lake, North Carolina – The Best for Family Vacation

Hyco Lake is open year-round for the family, children and even pets. There are plenty of campgrounds or cottages on the lake at reasonable prices. The lake was created in the 1960's as a resource for the Carolina Power and Light Company, making it warm all year round. The lake is an ideal spot for crappie, bass or even catfish fishing.

If you have the travel bug and love to fish, you’ll enjoy the entire process of jet ski fishing from start to finish. From getting out to your location to catching a fish, your jet ski vacation will be equally beautiful as it is thrilling. Regardless of where you decide to go jet ski fishing, it’s important to know that preparation is key. Check out or list of best fishing gear for 2019 (link blog). Happy traveling!

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