Why Jet Ski Fishing is Growing in Popularity: The Benefits Outweigh the Costs with your PWC & Jetski Outfitters

PWC’s AREN’t just for fast runs or tubing anymore! have you tried fishing on a jet ski? YOU SHOULD!

Popular in Europe for many years now, the trend is finally catching on and Jet Ski Fishing is making its way to the U.S. and not looking back! Born by demand for the need to navigate quickly, get into narrow channels and to hit the right price point for many anglers, using a PWC for fishing became a natural fit and here we are. Already possessing a presence in very few U.S. markets – Jet Ski Outfitters has plans to sweep the East Coast with its substantial European popularity and bring the ability to fish via a PWC to the masses without any hesitation at all!

Becoming the envy of many fishermen, on small boats…with very little horsepower, hoping not to get hit by the wake of something bigger, those who fish for fun began to quickly catch on after a tinge of jealousy and the need for a ‘catch of their own’.

Using your PWC for fishing is a fun activity you can add to your bucket list. After all, it is basically a boat… albeit a small one. That doesn’t mean you can’t go Jet Ski fishing, it just means you need to prepare for it. Now, Jet Ski Outfitters will say up front that fishing from a stand-up PWC isn’t something to consider, but the sit-down models make for a pretty good platform for an angling adventure.


The biggest challenge when doing a little Jet Ski fishing is carrying your gear to the spot you want to fish safely and securely. This can get a little tricky, but it gets much easier if you start out with the right kind of equipment, Jet Ski Outfitters was born with this equipment in mind.

Fishing rods can be cumbersome to transport on very small vessels, but they are essential for any fishing trip, let alone a Jet Ski fishing adventure. They are just long and awkward to maneuver, so carrying them on a PWC can become a distraction. We have solutions at Jet Ski Outfitters.

One way to go around the long rod problem - is a travel rod. Travel rods are just like your regular fishing poles yet they break down into multiple sections and can be packed in a smaller space. Having a rod that is in multiple pieces inherently makes it weaker, so a cheaper rod can fail and leave you frustrated and fish-less. 

With Jet Ski Outfitters – your rod(s) will sit on a rod rack that is adapted to your PWC. These racks mount on the back of your PWC and can hold up to six rods, along with a cooler or tackle box, and even a couple extra gas cans for when you really want to adventure far. This puts all of your gear behind you on your PWC, allowing you to focus on riding and not where your gear is. 


Have you ever had one of those long days fishing when the fish just aren’t biting? We all have had at least one (or 100). It’s one thing to get out on the water after them; it’s another to get them to bite. While there isn’t much one can do to cure a serious case of piscatorial lockjaw, you can at least use a fish finder to ensure you are in the right spot for a potential catch! Use a fish finder!

Fish finders are basically sonar units that transmit a signal through a transducer placed under the waterline of a boat. This signal is read by a screen and shows you the depth, bottom structure, and, of course, fish. For Jet Ski fishing, a portable system would be the best option and while there are several systems on the market, in today’s online world checking out reviews are always a plus.

As of September 2019, we did a cursory online check using Best Reviews Guide and this is what came back for the BEST FISH FINDERS 2019.

The number one option right now weighs many things to place it in this category and it just happens to be a portable option - which couldn’t make us any happier! Check out the LUCKY Handheld Fish Finder Portable Fishing Gear with Sonar Transducer and LCD Display. It’s very reasonably priced and comes with a one-year warranty.

Another cool way to see what’s going on under the water is to have a look with an underwater camera. Aqua-Vu makes fully compact cameras that you can drop down the side and see what’s really going on under the water through the monitor. It brings another dynamic into the world of fishing.

GO JET SKI FISHING! Check out our blog on the best fishing spots around the globe that certainly deserve consideration of the avid angler.


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